During the three years of Christís ministry on earth, He surrounded himself with disciples with whom He shared His journey.  These disciples became His family here on earth.  Today this family is extended to us as well.

    The Razorbacks for Christ is a non-denominational Christian ministry representing that family on the University of Arkansas campus.  As such, our mission is to deepen our understanding of God and His will for us that we may live boldly according to His purpose.  We desire to serve Christ, sharing His will with others and encouraging them to join the family during their journey here at the University of Arkansas.

    We would like to invite you to join us at the Razorbacks for Christ student center during one of our weekly devotionals or fellowship times or to stop in and say hello on a break between classes.  Our students are fun-loving and always ready for a laugh, but they are also serious about their faith and are daily striving to follow Christ.  Our student center is located at 608 N. Storer Ave. in Fayetteville, just one block north of the Plant Science building.  We hope you will come join our family for fun and worship.